Rotary In Action
The Rotary Club of Welland raises money annually to be used the following year for various needs. One of those is Community Service – the provision of providing much needed funding and hands-on work within the local and regional community. The Club’s Strategic Focus is underprivileged youth with a secondary target of underprivileged women and children.
For several years, Welland Rotary has been supporting educational technology upgrades in various elementary schools located in disadvantaged neighbourhoods which are lacking in resources. Plymouth, St. Mary, Princess Elizabeth and St. Andrew have been provided with technologically advanced whiteboard systems in the primary grades. The Welland Neighbourhood Project “Read To Feed” provides incentives for schoolchildren to read books. They receive ‘credits’ for books read and money is donated to Heifer International where animals are purchase for third world countries in the children’s names. This gives these young students an opportunity to help other less fortunate.
Welland Rotary has also supported various nutrition programs at both elementary and secondary schools, the provision of gym equipment and a regional Dental Education Program. As a Charter member of the Niagara Children’s Centre in 1964, the Rotary Club continues to support this regional provider of rehabilitation and support services to children and youth with physical, developmental and communicative delays and disabilities.

United Way – Welcome Home Kits

The Rotary Club of Welland provided the United Way Niagara with $2,500 to purchase 33 “Welcome Home” kits to be given to newcomers to the area. These kits will consist of pot, pans, and various kitchen utensils-items which will be needed everyday, but which sometimes are not readily available to newcomers. It was hoped, prior to COVID-19,  that our Members would come together with family and friends to put the kits together. This program will definitely help newcomers in need within the community.


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